Meet Ally & Dennis

We’re ally and dennis, real estate professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the real estate market in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

We’re also a married couple with complementary strengths, a deep knowledge of the real estate market, and a shared love of helping people make good real estate decisions.

Together, we provide calm, clear guidance through the complex processes of buying and selling property, ensuring you feel informed, confident, and satisfied every step of the way.

What makes us different from everyone else?

We’re real people—real people who genuinely care about our clients. We’re not transactional—we believe in relationship building and community involvement. We believe honesty, integrity, and trust form the foundation of all good business.

We get to know our clients—their expectations for the present and their plans for the future—and they get to know us. We think of our clients as friends—and they know they can count on us to be there for them and trust us to tell them the truth.

We are really proud to say that over 90% of our business comes from repeat clients or their referrals. It’s a compliment like no other.

It also goes both ways. We are very loyal to our clients and their businesses. We support their causes, cheer their successes, and often follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds. We like to catch up over coffee and love it when people call just to say hello.

Because for us, real estate is about much more than business—it is about relationships and forming real connections that last a lifetime.

MEET Dennis.

He has a calm way of handling pressure situations. He has the kind of sense of humour where a few choice words get everyone laughing.

You see, Dennis likes to win. He comes by it honestly. He played professional football with the BC Lions. Years of football have taught him to always have a strategic approach and find competitive advantages. And he’s proud of his Grey Cup ring, which he earned in 1985, when the Lions brought the Cup home to Vancouver.

In fact, his characteristic tenacity, confidence, and calmness under pressure are a direct result of years of sports coaching and training. That’s also where he gets his determination to win—and he especially loves to win for our clients.

He’s been a real estate professional with DFH Real Estate Ltd. in Victoria since 2005, where his winning attitude has made him a consistent MLS award winner, sales leader, and top producer.

MEET Ally.

I joined Dennis in real estate in 2008, after two decades serving families in the Social Service industry in Greater Victoria. While Victoria is absolutely my home and has been for a long time, the truth is I am displaced Maritimer. And you know what they say: you can take a girl out of the Maritimes…

But seriously, there’s a characteristic East Coast kindness and down-to-earth approach to life and business that I love and have retained. I struggle with personal promotion; it doesn’t reflect my authentic desire to help and guide people. I appreciate honesty and directness and I love connecting with people.

My background in social services has instilled in me compassion and empathy, and I have a great capacity for caring. What I love about real estate is being able to guide people through the steps in a way that makes them feel informed, confident, and relaxed. I am diligent about details—okay, I’m a perfectionist—and that’s a good quality when it comes to the complexities of real estate.
I am an incredible advocate for my clients, and they know me as being someone they can rely on to tell them the truth—whether they want to hear it or not.

We participate in the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Professional Standards Committee